ضياء Diya
means: brightness, splendor, radiance

The name DIYA (ضياء) comes from Arabic word meaning brightness, splendor, radiance.
It is with this intent that every garment made brings brilliance to anyone who wears it.

Bringing luxury modest wear to the world

A modern take to traditional garment
Working alongside our in-house seamstresses, we are committed to make every design to hold a story.
Small-batch production
We always work in becoming better not bigger (in quantity).
With our focus to make each item the best product and quality possible, each style is made with continued feedback and tested before sharing it to the world.
Seasonless Elegance
Our abayas, ready-to-wear dresses and accessories have a timeless aesthetic making it wearable for any occasion and time.

Proudly made in UAE.
Deliver anywhere in the world.
Tag us at (Instagram: @diyathelabelofficial) on how you style your DIYA pieces